December 31, 2010

Counting all Your Blessings When It's New Year Eve....

Remember one of the Christmas song says,"when it's the time for the Christmas, count your blessings one by one..."

I guess for me tonight is "When it's the time to eating dinner alone at the New Year Eve, count all my blessings one by one..." :) One of the biggest blessings I have is that I can still see my dearest grandparents in person. And, this year, I even received two big "red pocket money" from them!

Life cannot be perfect, what else can I say? At least the dinner is a gourmet spinach salad with grilled salmon and orange. Sprinkled with a little bit cheese, almond flakes, and sesame oil.

Dad would be very proud of me that I got all my luggage unpacked for my trip from China the last week and the laundry is done. Home, nice and clean, smells the aroma of green tea.

Dad always says that don't leave today's work to tomorrow. How can I not to do the laundry tonight? Otherwise, that would be leaving this year's work to the next year. Horrific thoughts indeed!

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