December 31, 2010

2010 Recap

What has happened in this roller-coaster year, when the high got sky high, the low almost sinked to the bottom of the ocean?

The biggest highlight is probably my faith in God. In spite of my on-going tireless rebellious battle with Him and trying to charge ahead with my own efforts, I finally got to the point that I must admit his love and guidance towards me. This progress actually has made a significant change in my life and outlook towards the future. Gosh! Probably only God and I myself knows that how incredible I am now typing those words.

The second one is my career. Made some progress and validated that I am in the end not a lousy product manager at all. :)

Another thing I can think about of this year is that it IS FILLED with pampering and shopping. Uncle once told me over a cup of coffee that I should treat myself nicely or nicer. I nodded and smiled. What else can be easier than accomplishing that goal? I think I definitely have over-accomplished the goal in 2010.

The last thing is the fun I had from travels and photographing. Made all the way to South Africa, the furthest point from the San Francisco bay area. As far as the photographing, some minor progresses. Good enough. :)

The low points? Let's not talk about that tonight. :)

P.S. The picture of me drinking bubble tea at the top of HuangShan Mountain in China the last week.

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