December 28, 2010

Hongcun - An Ancient Village in China

Located in the southwestern foot of Mt. Huangshan, Hongcun was first founded in the Southern Song Dynasty (about AD. 1131-1162), with a history of about 900 years.

Hongcun is a place isolated from the hassles and bustles from the modern life, simple, tranquil and peaceful.

The style of the architecture is simple, non-pretentious, and elegant, blended perfectly with the natural environment, the mountain at the background, the lake and streams surrounding the entire village.

Its most distinct feature is its ingenious water supply system. A stream flowing from a hillside spring behind the village runs into a ditch, and subsequently the front yard of every house.

Walking around the village, I feel as if I am so far far away from the real life. And this one is probably by far my most favorite of the trip.

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