December 31, 2010

Snack at 2:00 in the Morning

Uncle and auntie were treating the "kids" that day and took us out for a day of endless fun, starting from shopping, playing MaJang, spa, dinner at my most favorite restaurant specializing mushrooms...

Mind me adding a side note? I would still very much want to debate with them whether I still belong to the "kid" category. :)

2:00am in the morning, my cousin complained about being hungry again. Then, immediately, we headed over to KFC.

Uncle is our waitor and free-of-charge. :)

Mom and auntie were enjoying the very much Chinseslized American fast food - Chinese fried donuts with soy milk!

I looked so puffed up because I was tireeeed!!! It's 2:00 in the morning. Damn it! This is why I said I no longer belong to the "kid" category. Only those real "kids" are so energetic at those ungodly hour. Look at my cousin!

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