July 04, 2010

Mendocino Coast Line

I miss my dad. It has been a full year, since he left mom and me. While I believe he is happily in heaven doing his oil-paintings, I wish he were here with my on this trip to Mendocino.

Dad had always encouraged me to see the world in my own eyes. Probably that's why I don't mind taking on a road trip on my own, just like what I always did even in college.

I told mom over the phone that how much I appreciate dad's influence on my life. Immediately, mom gets jealous. "Hmm...you don't give me any credit?" Funny, I often do need to deal with parents that compete with each other for the credits of raising a daughter.

There are awekward moments though. Very rare, you may find a single woman travling in Mendocino. This seems to be a place for families, for couples,even for gay lovers, just not for a single woman. I wish I were a single guy who could travel to some random places, legitimately sitting in a pub, drinking beer and looking for sex. All those behaviors are more acceptable to a single guy. It's not that I want to be as irrespoinsible as those single guys. I don't. I don't have that desire at all. However, sometimes, it's a bit awkward when some old fat married woman would look at me with a sense of pitiness, and her eyes would say, "Oh, so sorry that you are alone....".

Oh, well, this is not a perfect world that's completely designed and intented by God.

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