July 04, 2010

The Architecture at Mendocino

Mendocino County was one of California's original 27 counties, created in 1850 by the State Legislature.

The Mendocino Presbyterian Church is one of the famous landmark in town.

The Masonic Hall is one of Mendocino's oldest buildings, and the sculpture atop it is one of the town's most recognizable landmarks. Below is a picture of the roof top. Not sure what the scuplture means. But, when I did not look at it closely enough, I thought the guy behind was beheading the woman!!!

Water towers like this one are a characteristic part of Mendocino, and you'll see them scattered all over town.

This last building is one of the many bed-and-breakfast in Mendocino.

This one seems to have some history too.

Not sure about this one either. But,at least it looks old and gives you the weight of history.

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