July 04, 2010

Be a Real Photographer?

At the casual wine gathering with the inn keepers, I was asked whether I am doing photographing for my living. Not to be too carried away by my own big coconut head, I am aware that the only possible reason I would be remotely considered as a photographer is my look equiped with a huge camara and a sleek carbon-fiber tri-pod. Not because of my picitures. Not even slightly.

The answer is "I am afraid not." It's not that I could not get better at photographing. I know I can if enough money and efforts would be invested into this. But, the real issue is that I don't think I am tough enough to be a real trooper. This point has become more and more obvious to me during my trip to Mendocino. I complained (of course to God and myself) the whole way through.

Being a real photographer, one needs to suffer through many ordeals. Just imagine this. Getting up at some ungodly hours for a sun-rise? Waiting endlessly for the right lighting from a sunset? Feeling hungry and cold out at a bluff for that perfect view? Tirlessly setting up the camera and the tri-pod for hundreds of times? No,the answer is no, no, no....

Oh, BTW, the inn keepers at Glendevan Inn are the absolute local celebreties at Mendocino, of course, along with their 6 lovely Llamas. Llamas is the type of a strange animal with a look of sheep except bigger, camel's hair, goat's legs and rabit's heart and courage.

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