July 11, 2010

Amusing to Visit My Own Stupid Mistake Sometimes

I found sometimes it's kind of amusing to visit one of my own stupid mistakes. Of course, the mistake cannot be so material, otherwise, it would be too painful and embarressing. :)

I went on this hike on Black Mountain today, which reminds me one of those unexpected long-run I had a while ago.

One of those days a year ago, I went out my usual weekend running at Rancho San Antonio. As usual, the coconuthead did not pay enough attention to the map. So 3 hours later, I found myself no where near Rancho SanAntonio.

Another one hr later, I was running along the Black Mountain Trail. Finally rescued by a family of 4. They gave me a ride from Mounte Bello to my car parked back at Rancho. What an advanture!

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