July 02, 2010

The Breath-taking Ocean View From Mendocino

Life can be an elegantly bound book that may have many chapters that we don't understand or wish to skip. However, becides all the down-wards turns and confusions, the book does have many highlights along the way.

The roadtrip to Mendocino is definitely going to be one of the highlights in 2010.

The first time I heard of this place is from Steve, the architect I used to work with, who not only taught and quized me on many things about B2B catalog management but also mentioned a couple of back-road destinations. One of them is Mendocino.

So here we go. I am now Sitting in a lovely bed-and-breakfast, watching the fire glowing in the fireplace and feeling the warmth, sipping the rose tea imported from China and editing my pictures.

Life is good, isn't it?!

A very nice and scenary drive-in across the hills of northern part of San Francisco and the redwoods. Many wineries to stop. Even a little cafe in a very random city apprantly in-the-middle-of-no-where, offers tasty gourmet thin-crust pizza with organic ingredients!

I know the composition of this picture is slightly problemetic, missing something in the front. I have a few neurotic friends. I know one of them would position a big rock or a sheep, or something alike to make the composion work.

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  1. Cool pics. what size macro did u get? I like the fence pic.