July 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Mom's Visit

Mom is coming! Mom is coming in two days! Gosh! A lot of work! There is no way for her to see how my roomie and me living this most simplified and yet still civilized life. It's not we are lazy. We are getting us mentally ready for her grand opening of a luxurious life with all the wonderful home-made food.

Got up 9:00am and started cleaning, putting up the bed, shuffling around the furniture and plants up and down 3 floors. About 10 hrs later, $1000 more balance on my credit card, I think we are ready, even with flowers and "welcome home" balloons on the table.

I know that Dad came visit me yesterday. Just like what he usually did with Mom and me, he always check and double check we are OK. Why this time would be an exception? He just wanted to check whether things are ready for mom. :)

Made some dinner for Bing. She gave up a good time of going sailing but helped me run around with my mom-preparation. Can the taste match the expectation set by the smell and the presentation?

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  1. I know the feeling when someones coming, we work hard. Beautiful photos.