July 26, 2009

Veggie Buns Made with Corn Mill and Wheat Flour



Mom does not have much to do everyday here in Sunnyvale! It sucks because if she does not have much to do then she is "on" me, all the time. So, I really have to keep my mom-entertaining-program running 24X7.

在家弹钢琴。自以为是!问老妈,觉得我怎样,是不是很有力度?老妈头不抬,心不挑地说“你天天练肌肉练得好呗.“ 我到了。。。。

Mom makes funny comments.

Playing piano at home one day. Feeling very good about my play. So, I turned around and asked my mom "Mom, how do you like my playing these days? Don't you think I am much more powerful when playing those strong notes?"

Still focusing on her needling and without even lifting her eyes, my mom said:"I think you have done well with all your muscle trainings..."

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