July 19, 2009

Chasing Rainbow at Yosemite Valley (2)

These are probably the shots I liked the most from the trip.

I have been to the Yosemite a few years back. But, this trip gives a whole new appreciation of her beauty

The waterfall is fascinating. The best place to take the shot is not on the bridge, but half way to the bottom of the fall,on top of a big stone jetting out.

I guess people do change. I remember when I was fresh out of the business school, I was not this outdoorsy at all. But, now, the joy of walking in the sun and looking at the beautiful Vally view is over-flowing.

Yosemite is probably the most photographed national park in the US. The world-famous half-dome


  1. This trip looked fun!!! The pictures are simply gorgeous. Thanks for showing to us.

  2. Awesome & beautiful pictures again!!

    How lovely!
    What a trip!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I haven't ever been there, so thanks for sharing your talent. http://livinginthefastlanex2.blogspot.com