July 19, 2009

Chasing Rainbow at Yosemite Valley (1)

Nikhil is vising from India. As the host, Blair wanted to take him to Yosemite. Mom and I were tagging along. A great adventure for a highly diversified team.

Blair, Nikhil and I kept giving each other griefs along the way. The back-and-forth teasing seemed kept escalating along with the increasing heat in the Yosemite valley.
Marsha:"The view is pretty good, except the model could be cuter. "
Blair:"I hope by the end of the today, we are still able to talk to each other. Or, better yet, I am still willing to drive you guys back home."

Blair is this great guy that everybody loves him. Even my mom! And within 1 min of knowing him! You know the secret? Ultra-sugar-coating!!! During the entire two days, Blair have sugar-coated my mom so much that no doubt Nikhil and I am left in the "dog house" from my mom's perspective.

Blair (saying bye to my mom at the end of the trip):"Thank you for coming. You make the trip so much more fun!"
Marsha (feeling grumpy):"So, I guess you mean Nikhil and I am just unnecessary accessories to the trip then."
Nikhil (not happy):"Hmm...He said that only because your mom paid him most compliment!"

Mom is so "cool" that we all need an extra jacket when standing besides her!

You see an resemblence between the following two pictures? Mom PK snoopy. (Disclaimer - This is actually my mom's idea to put the two pictures together. I am actually very surprised by my mom's goofy sense of humor. Goofy and yet excellent!

Nikhil was so excited to get this ultra lens. He was running around the Yosemite valley and chasing wild animals to take cool photos.
Nikhil:"(Sigh....)I wish Yosemite had more wild life. "
Marsha:"Why bother running around chasing wild animals?! Blair is sitting right next to you!"

Blair had lived in China for 2 years and is used to speak very good Chinese So, mom and I were trying to help recover his Chinese during the trip.
Nikhil(observing the recovery process):"Hmm...It seems that Chinese is a rather simple language."
Marsha:"Don't get you fooled. Chinese is the most profound language in the world. We are just teaching Blair how a 3-year-old talks in China. :)"

Applaud to the best team lead and chauffeur. In spite of all the grief and hard-times, he got us home safe and sound. :) Thanks!

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