May 23, 2009

Watching Deer and Flowers at Point Lobos

Tried a few settings of exposure for the same scenery, and finally settled down with this one. Not bad, isn't it? But the framing of the picture is all Teddy's credit

So, I have learned how to use the TV mode and a reduced shutter speed, with the help of a couple of different filters to get the blue and yet "silky" water.

Another one. Kind of like how the picture was framed. Not sure why.

Really like this layered scenery - the mountain of the farsight in the fog, the glacier water on the forsight. Kind of neat!

The peaceful coast line.

Came back from the 6-week long trip to India and China a few days ago. I took the phased approach to unpack. It's not because I had so much stuff to unpack. It's just the life has been a bit crazy since I came back. In spite of the unpacked suitcase at home, I still could not resist a photographing trip with Teddy and Prakash to shoot the sunset at Point Lobos. Inspiring and fun.

The best way to learn to shoot picture or learn to pretend to be a photograher is to go on some photo-shooting trips with those who actually know what they are doing. Prakash and Teddy has been the best instructor. I have been using this simple rule of thumb - to reproduce whatever they have. So far, this strategy has been working quite well.


  1. Your photographing skill is improving a lot! I love them all.

  2. love9990 from KT /WXC5/24/09, 3:28 PM

    Cool shots! My favorite is the red plant.

    by love9999

  3. 二妞,你过得很精彩!不懂摄影,但我爱看热闹,期待你的更多佳作。

  4. 最近我也开始喜欢照相,所以才觉得你的照片很精彩,顶你!

  5. What lovely pictures!! They are amazing!