May 16, 2009

Sunday Brunch at LeeLa Palace (Bangalore) (2)



Bangalore has two types of weathers - one is hot, the other one is too hot. So, a business trip to Bangalore, to be honest, is not a treat at all. The jet-lag, the around-the-clock work, the hot weather, can be rather tiring. But, one of the things I do enjoy doing over there is the champaign brunch at LeeLa Palace. Behind the entrance of the 7-star hotel, it is a totally different world.

I guess I can be easy-going sometimes. However, if given the time and opportunity, I can certainly be high-maintainance and sophisticated. Today is the perfect time to take my time to enjoy the great food and champaign.

Balanced flavor from different ingredients is the key to a perfect bite. A little saltiness from the meat, a little sweetness from the dry fruit, plus the earthy and creamy flavor from the cheese and the texture from the bread. It's simply just perfect.

By the way, I did all the plating myself. See, when one has too much time on hand, one can at least play with food, and enjoy perfect bites.



  1. Beautiful foods! Just wonder what traditional Indian breakfast is.

  2. 哇,这是早饭啊?!让俺吃了一天啥活也不想干了。估计晚餐更丰盛吧?

  3. 檀香橄榄5/28/09, 8:23 AM

    早餐喝香槟?太太太... ;-)

  4. 七月茉莉花5/28/09, 8:24 AM

    你这也腻腐败了, 照片好看, 吃起来也一定不差了.

  5. Yeah...A little bit much...:)

  6. Cannot take life too serious. Drinking Champaign in the morning helps. :)