March 07, 2011

A Weekend of Expansive Baby-Sitting

Not sure how I ended up baby-sitting a high-schooler for the weekend. Jack, my cousin, is visiting me during his school break.

Here is how happy and goofy he looked like when I took him out for dim sum. Guess there is no real Chinese food in where he goes to school. :)

The glamorous baby-sitter. Over the weekend, I found out that I simply could not handle sweet-talks, and have no principle with kids like Jack. Within two days, we have acquired a PS3 station, a shooting gun for the game, a few games, a gym membership, a new basket ball....And, he is trying to talk me into buying a new TV for him to play the newest games. I guess thank God, I finally drew a line above the TV idea.

Now he looked miserable and sad going shopping with me and carrying my shopping bags.

Growing up as a single kid, I have always dreamed about opportunities like this to boss around my little brother. Especially, when I was a kid, his parents used to play with me like a toy. Now, my dream came true today. And it's the pay-back time. Ha, Ha, ... Sooooo cool! In his word, I am bossing him around at home as if I were the queen. Nice!

But, honestly, I do enjoy spending time with this little kid and trying my best to tolerate him practicing his womanlizing skills with me. I am thinking about calling his dad soon with some detailed reports.

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  1. You look great in the blue dress. This is Eric I saw you a long time ago at the Japanese Tea Gardens and then we found out we were neighbors. Hope things are well and to hope to see you soon. Glad I stumbled on your blog its cool.