March 19, 2011

2011 Tax Day

What one should do when facing a daunting, boring, mind-bogging task, like filing income tax?

Find something to indulge and help relive the pain, such as sipping a delicious bottle of wine, enjoying delicious cheese and snacks along the way, listening to some great music at the background....

Guess since I have to deal with it, might as well make the process more enjoyable. :)

Two weeks ago, I rationalized my pantry in the kitchen. While doing so, I uncovered this great bottle of wine - Monticello Gran Reserva of 1998 from Spain. A house-warming gift from an old friend. Today is a perfect day or has a perfect excuse to enjoy it.

Hm mm...the color of burgundy, dark cherry, nice on the nose, smooth and slightly sweet on the tongue... Simply delightful and equisite!

I know if Rohit is here, he would say that I am breaking his bs-meter again. :)

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