October 08, 2010

Ostrich in the Headlight

We all have our moments of glory and brilliance. This week? As far as I know, is not mine. :)

Can I complain to God? Can I say that sometimes that God does have some weird sense of humor? Maybe he is bored with managing billions of his Christian-followers so that once in a while he wants to play with a few of us to get entertained?

The bottom line is that this is the week I feel very sad. This is slightly out of the character of mine, if I am not too delusional.

The reality is that I feel I am fighting this stupid up-hill battle at work. Why should I even be doing that, especially doing that while starting my day at 6:15 am everyday? I should just sit tight and enjoy the big bucks they are paying me. Why bother? I know I have this decease of being a hopeless perfectionist.

At the same time, I miss my friends.

And, I am getting one-year older the next week. Jeez! Am I OK with me getting older and wiser everyday? Am I really happy with my life? One the one hand, I really happy with where I am, a job I love, a couple of really good friends I can hang out whenever I want...If I get bored, I can go buy myself an expensive purse, a dress,...Oh, I learned this new word, micro-surficing for facial recently.....Or, just simply go out of the country for a change....

I cannot complain to God, can I, given what I am blessed with?! However, nobody said I cannot whine towards him!!!! Ha, ha ha.....

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