October 03, 2010

Delicious Food in Cape Town

The quality and variety of the food in Cape Town is outstanding. Very impressive! And the local wine is certainly much celebrated. Given the currency exchange rate, it's not expensive at all to enjoy extremely nice meals even in some high-end restaurants.


Grilled Kinklips 是我的最爱。肉质鲜美嫩滑,有点象Sea Bass,但比Sea Bass meaty.

Over the 20 days stayed in Cape Town, I found myself falling in love with Kinklips, a type of white-meat fish that is similar to sea bass and yet much meatier. Delicious! Delicious! I would have no problem of suffering through that horrible 30 plus hour flight again just to enjoy the grilled kinklips with lemon source, juicy, mouth-watering, tender, and yet meaty, flavorful, fully of imagination for each bite.

试了一下中国炒面。不好吃。 :) 酸酸甜甜的。太不正宗了。还是换吃当地的早餐。好吃多了。

Tried the pan fried noodles in Westin Grand. Although it's claimed to be Chinese pan fried noodle, it's not so authentic at all. :)



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