January 02, 2010

New Year Day Party I - My Friends

Besides his talent in dancing, Tim is also very very good at making delicious salads. One problem of being friends with Tim though is that he once in a while shows up with a great bottle of wine and "unintentionally" upgrades our expectation on wines. Sigh....

Lovely Crystal, Alisa and Lori.

John is a goof-ball, fun, funny, and spontaneous. The first time I met John at a party, I noticed that he is very connected with many friends. Such an important guy, of course, I need to get connected with him too. So, I handed over him my name card, hoping that he would remember me somehow. To my ultimate surprise and disappointment, he glanced at my card and handed over to the guy next to him and walked away. Seriously, that's definitely the ONLY time I had such an experience with a guy. Very refreshing!

So, I told Steve the story. Here is John's reaction:"No, no... That's not the complete truth. Marsha left our some other details to twist the story her way!"

Anyway, that's my version of truth and my little revenge to him. :)

A few candid shots of my friends that I like. Great models for good pictures!

Spencer and John.

Spencer is a talented party host, funny, great sense of humor and full of fun group games for a party. Since he is so awesome, he is of course very much popular among girls. So popular that once while he was hosting a party, a girl openly expressed her interests in him. But, you know what? Spencer did not look surprised at all!!! Guess he had similar experiences quite often before. :)

Eric has blue eyes. That's his tag line. OK. Two truth and a lie for Eric.

1) Eric once wrote 2 lines of congress code/law for the US government
2) Eric once danced with a pair of bra on a table in front of thousands of Japanese girls and guys
3) Eric loves message with body cream from Victoria Secret

What's the answer? All truth? Who know?! :) I know I am in trouble with Eric now.

Tom and Steve.

Tom is a talented singer. No kidding! He once changed the wording of a famous backstreet boy song into one about the church group we go to, and sang it for us. It was awesome!.

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