January 02, 2010

New Year Day Party 2 - Gift Exchange

After dinner, we played the game "Frize (left) and Buzz (right)" and gift exchange. Here is how JoAnna tricked us all getting confused about left and right. :)

Basically, whatever Tom opened yesterday, others wanted to have it.
Tom:"Hmm... This is going to be stolen by some other people very soon. So, not fair..."

Tom:"What heck is this thing????? "

Tom:"Awesome! This is a high-tech chopper!"

For a guy who does very minimum cooking limited to boiling and microwaving, I cannot imagine he loves kitchen toy this much. :)

At least, somebody is happy with what they got!

Eric:"Thank God! I loooooooove message with Victoria body cream!!!!"

Just want to help Spencer remember how John heartlessly stole his FengShui fountain yesterday. :)

Alright at least, Spencer got a gigantic chocolate foodball, perfect to share with all the girls that are interested in him. See?! How happy he looked when thinking about that plan!

Philip is a talented chess-player, but somehow, very randomly, once lost a game to a homeless guy on the street and 10 bucks. !@$#@#!?!?

Crystal and mom.

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