April 07, 2011

What Am I thinking?!

I was waiting to meet one of my friends for drinks afterwork today. Browsing through facebook postings, I noticed that one of my friends did some silly "brain test". The test is supposed to decode what one is thinking at that very moment.

Without anything better to do, I took the test. I seriously could not believe the result. Twice in a row, I got the same answer asbelow. And....they are kind of.....ACCURATE!!! :)

To translate the picture in English -

The vain little girl looking full-of-herself in the picture was thinking -
1) Forever young (big time!!!)
2) This year I look 18 again. (Of course...always....)
3) Be skinny, great body
4) Have a twin with a boy and a girl each (Not sure about this one.... :) )

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