April 16, 2011

Loud, Volcanic, Bombastic Rock Band?!

Never thought I could be a fan of a rock band.

I mean, come on, there is enough headache in a day as is, why the hell one would desire for more from those loud, obnoxious and nerve-wracking rock bands? And, mashing up the guitar, shouting at the audiences plus the long-hair with tight jeans are never my style anyway. :)

However, to my great surprise, I love this band - Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and their interpretation of classical music mixed with beautiful Broadway-style vocals. Fascinating music for those who love classical orchestra and symphonies with some modern rock-n-roll touch.

I started with "Beethovan's Last Night", volcanic, bombastic but widely varied. Stunning vocal indeed!

Then bought another one, "Night Castle", haunting and hallowing. I cannot help feel my heart pounding by listening to "Moonlight and Madness", Beethovan's Moonlight Sonata movement III with rock-n-roll touch.

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