August 30, 2010

What A Wonderful Place!

The stunning coastline, the horrifying stories of the blood diamonds, the rich culture and facinating personalities of the locals, the conflicting mix of luxurious life styple of the whites vs. the stuggles of the local Africans, ....all of that and more, simply makes the hinterland of South Africa mysterious, attractive, more so than ever, while I was on my flight over to Cape Town.

The 30-hr-plus flight from San Francisco to Cape Town is beyond nuts. If one can suffer through that, the brighter sight emerges as soon as the plan landed, and as soon as the beautiful table mountain appears in sight on the way leaving the airport.

Laying down on the couch outside of the porch of the hotel and looking out into the ocearn. Listening to the random conversions from 3 blond African girls chatting about what's wrong or simply what's not wrong with the last boyfriend....And, sipping on a glass of nicely chilled African local chadonny and fresh salad. Oh, well, finally, it's the vacation time. :)

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