August 21, 2010

August - A Torent of Hard Aspects?

Alright, someone predicted that a few, more than just a couple, my major astrology signs are locked into some horrific, definant, dead-battle fight dominance in August, as a result, I will feel challenged in almost every direction. If someone tells me that, I would roll my eye balls, just like what I usually do when hearing something rediculous.

However, at the month end, I cannot help thinking there may be some truth to that crazy prediction. Life has been challenging this month for sure, with all the travels, more travels coming up, work being behind inspite of all the late hours....

It feels nice to get an opportunity to stay home, listening to some music, drink a cup of coffee and packing for the next trip... The sound of dryer running upstairs makes the home cozy and relaxing....

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