December 07, 2009

My First Christmas Tree

Took mom over to a Christmas parade on Saturday night. Now, she was in the mood of decorating a Christmas tree and wanted us to get more into the holiday atmosphere. That idea soon set into her little head, and as a result, we ended up in Target for a tree at 10:00pm. Got back home. Took out the decorations and lights. Mom and daughter worked till 1:00am.

Ta, Ta! Our first Christmas tree!

Wish Dad were here with us. If he were here, he would say "you two, hopeless goof-balls!"

老妈同我又折腾上了!周六晚上去看了圣诞节的表演和游行。老妈突发奇想,要装饰圣诞树。要有节日的气氛。 说做就做吧!一不做二不休。我妈和我就兴冲冲的去了商店,折腾上了。一直搞到早上1点。漂亮吧!


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