December 07, 2009

Crushing Parties at David Bruce Winery at Santa Cruz Mountain

Friend at Church invited mom and me to attend a bottling ceremony at a winery located in the Santa Cruz mountain. Again, the typical goof-ball behavior of Marsha. Here we went, without checking the name of the winery. After thousands twists and turns in a tiny little road, we arrived at David Bruce. "Alright, here it is, since there are so many cars around."

Here came a guard asking our name. Of course, neither mine or any of my friends' name are on the list. At that moment, I still did not realize that we were at the wrong place. The guard let us in anyway. After 12 tastings and a bunch of delicious snacks, we still could not find our friends. Oh well, they missed the party, and we left. Got in the car, and the thought that we were not at the right place never occurred to me.

Turned on the engine. "Hmm...Why there are still some distance towards the destination displayed on the GPS?" All of the sudden, I realized that we just crushed a private party hosted at the winery. Oh well... Good wines and good food. :)

我家老妈同我 - 一对活宝!为什么这样说呢?我们俩也是糊里糊涂,混到一个酒庄的私人派对上,白吃白喝,好不开心。


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