February 03, 2009

"Award Winning" Girls Lunch

Rebeca and I thought that it might be a good idea to have a girls-lunch outside of the Church, for some good food, lovely girls-time-out and fellowship. This is a rather fun and dynamic groups of girls. It turned out that almost everybody has some fun, nail-biting, interesting trivia's to wow the rest of us.

The Gold medal has to be granted to Bing, the two-time survivor from life-threatening events, once from a car-turning-accident and the other one from a scuba-diving in Phillipans. She told us from her true experiences, those slow-motion flash-back while her car was tossing and turning on the highway is not something made up in the Hollywood movie. God bless her courage and positive attitude! Oh, before I forget, she drove Mitsubishi that day.

The Silver medal goes to Rebeca, the fearless leader of the gang, who by far has had the coolest job among anybody I know - test driving concept cars! She had it as a 6-month internship for material engineering, and did wrack a few nice cars during her internship. Her job definitely beats the ones for those of us who have to test drive a mind-bogging software that transacts purchase orders and invoices. Damn! This is not a fair world!

The Browns medal goes to Iris, who has the cutest fear of the world. She is afraid of walking on the grass, especially during the night. Quote-and-quote from her- "Who would know whether there is something dirty in the grass to mass up my shoes!" No other comments beats this one in terms of qualifying her as a true woman. Oh, she is getting married in May and also forbidden to make or eat any desert till then. Congratulations! And hang in there. Those walnut chocolate brownies are not good for you. :)

The special award of unprecedented ability to combine style and sense of practice goes to Sara. According to her - "I don't like the taste of tea much, but like the style of drinking tea. I guess since I have to drink some water-like stuff, might as well enjoy the fashion and style coming with it." Totally makes sense!

This is a group of advanced-Christians, except me, someone at her best can get a C- if I somehow manage to squeeze out some time during the week to do my homework. So, it's often nerve-wracking to answer those tricky open-end questions during the group discussions. Especially, I grew up in the communist culture where Chairman Mao's words were treated like the word of truth, and the communist party pretty much defined the answers to the ultimate question of the universe.

Just for the record, it's not the non-sense 42 from the hilarious book - Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy. If you haven't read it, I would highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy goofy and whimsical humors.

When it's my turn to answer those questions, I use a simple rule-of-thumb - if Holy Rebeca does not give me the "look-of-what-are-you-talking-about", I am doing just fine.

Dear God, thanks for blessing us with this great opportunity to get to know each other a bit more and a fun time together. Pray in Jesus name, Amen!

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