November 01, 2009

YunNan Stone Forest (ShiLin)

同家里人去云南石林游玩是上半年的事了。一直到现在才有时间整理。 唉, 忙呀。
So four of us took on a trip to explore the stone forest of YunNan. A very odd mix of travel partners with the Texas cowboy, the GuiZhou peasant (my mom of course), and the likes.

据说八仙里的张国佬以前倒骑着毛驴到这里,就睡在这儿。 导游说了,凡人睡了张国佬得石床,就会交好运的。 那么我也赶紧上去沾光沾光。

Little elephant.

Tried on the dress for the YuanNan BaiZhu, one of the 55 minorities in China. 当回云南白族吧。

A great place to play hide-and-seek. See how silly my parents could get!!! 我家老爸和老妈还在石林里躲猫猫。

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