April 18, 2009

Everybody Is Entitled with Their Own Delusions


Went out dinner with Nikhil and his lovely wife at this very fancy restaurant in Banaglore.

One of the major challenges of visiting Bangalore is to fend off the tireless and fearless mosquitos. The whole night, even with the incents burning right next to my foot, those little creatures did not want to give me a break.

According to Nikhil, the Indian mosqitos have used to the Indian fresh, and want to have some Chinese food for a change.

After the dinner, when we walked out the restaurant, the mosquitos are no longer that friendly with Nikhil, as he also got a few bites on his arms.

Nikhil (calmly) "Now those mosquito are having their desert, so that they picked the sweetest person to bite."
Marsha(surprised):"Hmm...I would not think those mosquitos would think you are the sweetest thing among us three. Maybe your lovely wife?"
Nikhil's wife(indifferently):"You know, everybody is entitled with their own delusions."

Indians woman are the most lucky in the world, as they have an amazing huge selection of colorful clothes. I would imagine Nikhil's wife's closet might be as big as my master bedroom. And for each set of Indian dress, the girls are supposed to have matching earings and bangles. No wonder almost of the Indian girls I have talked to, they loooooooove shopping.

Two girls in the office took me shopping the last year. Here is one set of Indian dress and matching sandles. Lovely color, isn't it?!

Alright, here is the evil Nikhil, who totally discouraged my photo-shooting confidence yesterday...:)


  1. 你穿这件印度服装很有味! 喜欢它的颜色和图案设计。祝你玩好,照好,吃好!
    p.s. 你印度同事的言行很典型的印度男化,自以为是,妄物尊大。我知他在开你玩笑,还是对此不屑。

  2. wangdanni226688@yahoo.com.cn4/19/09, 8:41 AM


  3. 很漂亮,好看,喜欢。。。LAURA

  4. I am happy that you pointed that out to me, the colors are beautiful and the dresses of the Indian women are gorgeous. I like your blog for many reasons and you help me to see another part of the world.

  5. love9990 from KT /WXC5/17/09, 5:47 AM

    Good photos and you look cute in Indian clothes!

  6. Lovely pictures indeed!! Beautiful clothes too!