December 14, 2008

烤牛肉馅饼 Beef Calzone


这个馅饼很好吃。 牛肉的鲜味,加上一点青辣椒的辣味。我还加了一点花椒油。

I have been doing this master cleanse during the last 9 days. Today is the first time I wanted to cook some real food. How about some tasty beef calzone made with extra lean gound beef and whole wheat dough from Trader Joe's?

It's quite easy to make the stuffing. Marinate the beef what whatever your favorite spicies and pan fry it with some green pepper, carrots and red onion. The rest of process is just like making the Italian calzone. Here is the pictures for before-and-after


  1. ooo so you are done with the master cleanse!! congrats :)
    I'm still on my 5th day going on 6th...I want real food!!! But the weight loss is worth is :p
    Please post more of your MC dairies, I enjoy reading them alot!

  2. 555,好馋呀,怎么不送点过来。。。--你的邻居

  3. 呵呵,恭喜哦。想看到你本人的照片让俺看看你的成绩。。。